Restaurant Dos & Don’ts

One of my biggest pet peeves while dining out is white napkins.  Have you ever noticed the evidence it leaves behind? If I choose to wear all black while dining out, I have to worry about the lint from the napkin being left on my clothes.  The odds of having a lint roller in my purse is highly unlikely, but it surely isn’t appealing to leave the establishment with tiny white particles on your clothes. Not to mention if you are wiping your hands or mouth the routine is as follows: wipe, look, fold, and place back in your lap.  And what do you see?  Lipstick or mustard left on the white napkin.  I’m speaking of a roll up or a napkin with utensils rolled up around it. Trying to be cognizant of the white napkin, I try to keep it on the table and not in my lap.  That task I find is hard to do, because I personally do not want my napkin on the table unless I am done eating for the night.

Ladies and gentlemen, we don’t want to be talked about on our dates for not looking presentable.  Although that shouldn’t be our concern on any date, however the memory is important.  Beware of the white napkin! Black napkins look cleaner or any dark color for that matter.  You may run the risk of seeing the crumbs or bright lipstick, but that’s easy to hide!

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