Hey Foodies!

As an avid follower of many Food Network TV programs, I have always sat back and thought “Oooh that looks good,” knowing I would never have the opportunity to taste it or order it.  So one day I decided to get out of my comfort zone and try new dishes, especially while dining with other adventurous foodies.  I mean sushi and bone marrow were never on my radar and now I love them! I’m not a cook, critic, or been to culinary arts school . . . I’m just a Fat Girl who loves food!

In my profession, I have had the opportunity to travel and explore new foods which have prompted this idea after many postings on my social sites.  “You should do a food blog!” Every time I visit a restaurant, I strive to learn something and try something new.  It allows me to understand why I frequent the restaurants of my choice, order a specific dish, and the trends all while enjoying the comfort of food.  So from one foodie to another, I hope you enjoy my Fat Girl dining experiences.

Bon Appétit!!! 



Favorite Foods: American, Mexican, Seafood

Favorite Drinks: Pepsi, Vodka Gimlet

Weekly Food Cravings: Buffalo Sauce, French Fries, Mexican

Best Thing I Ever Ate So Far: Lomo Saltado (Agua 301) & Short Rib Poutine (Lincoln Restaurant)