DC Wine Fest

Cheers to another event added to the books. On September, 15 I had the pleasure of sipping some fine spirits at the Fall Edition of DC Wine Fest at Big Chief in Washington, DC. The venue was filled with wine enthusiasts sampling wines from throughout the country. It was in full swing and the rain didn’t stop our shine!!! Do me a favor and pour up a glass on this tossback Thursday edition of DC Wine Fest.

Upon arrival, Big Chief was packed . . . people everywhere! I was saying “excuse me” every second just to get by; yet, telling myself not to get too annoyed. Grabbed few trinkets and my souvenir wine glass as I scooted my way through to taste the first sample of the day. After staying for roughly an hour; let me share some of the pros and cons of this event.

1. Great wine selections (from the vendors that I visited)
2. Awesome music . . . go DJ! (girl power)
3. Variety of games/entertainment

1. Poor, poor, poor location
2. More food vendors

I’m going to speak about the cons in this post really quickly because it’s not much to say. While I do understand that the city was expecting rain for the day . . . the event organizers surely could’ve maximized the space and allowed some vendors to set up on the roof instead of cramming everyone indoors. It was very tight and you couldn’t truly enjoy what was in front of you because of the many bumps one endured all while trying to have fun. The rain did stay away for the most part. As the event organizer, I would’ve immediately readjusted to have more space in the venue to make it more comfortable for all attendees.

There was only one food vendor and the food smelled delicious. However, it would’ve been nice see other vendors present. I did not order a sandwich because the venue did not allow for that. The table space was limited and crowded for sure, especially if you were seated inside. Smart of the vendor to serve sandwiches which allowed us to soak up the liquid with bread. Was this the only food vendor for all segments for the day? Instead of eating here, I decided to eat nearby in Ivy City. Now on to my favorites . . .

AIX Rosé is a fruity and tangy wine that was crisp with ever sip. And throwing back the sweet aromatics of Arabella’s Natural Sweet Wine from South Africa. Local District Winery had great samples of their Cuvee Noir and Dry Rosé, and other assortment of Rosé blends from other vendors.

What was most interesting was a dessert wine I tasted by The Bruery called White Chocolate. It was reminiscent of a spiked dipped cherry. In my opinion this would be more enjoyable as a shot, but not for dessert or to sip continuously. Personally, I tend to drink Rosés, dry or sweet white wines when in the mood for my smooth drinking moments. If I’m partaking in a juicy ribeye or attempting to be healthy, I drink a nice glass of cabernet sauvignon.
The Bruery

After trying all that I could and over the crowd, I left to get food and rolled on home. I left tipsy and wanting to feed my tummy and after chowing down a cheeseburger and fries . . . a senior nap was coming up next!!! Be sure to check out my favorites at DC’s Wine Fest and toast to an awesome New Year ahead.

DC Wine Fest
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