Giant National BBQ Battle

Hey foodies!  It’s been a while since my last food review, but I’m thrilled to be here nonetheless.  I attended one of my favorite festivals that takes place every June and another foodies playground with a ton of grilled food; come join me on my way back Wednesday edition on Giant’s National BBQ Battle.
T-Mac_3This festival is 2 days of food, booze, games, giveaways and entertainment.  On day 1, I went solo and enjoyed all the sights ahead.  The game plan was to tackle as much as I can on the first day and whatever I missed could wait until day 2.  The aroma quickly had you salivating and instantly preparing you to either sample or purchasing the first item near by . . . and with little to no line of course!  I tasted everything from burnt ends, sausage, chicken wings, and chips & dips just to get the groove going.  To wash down those delicious bites, I purchased beverage tickets and started sampling local beers and wine before sampling more things.

On my journey through the festival, I filled my bag with a variety of sauces, seasonings, snacks, household items and entered myself to win a few prizes.  Discouraged after stand in long lines after the few samples I had, I decided to grab some BBQ from one of the vendors and go home.  It’s unfortunate that I don’t remember the vendor I purchased my food from but I must say it wasn’t memorable at all.  It was bland and lack flavored.  Perhaps this vendor could better prepare themselves for larger crowds and tend to the meat more.  All in all I will give it a solid 2 out of 5 stars.  I order pulled chicken, pork, and ribs with cole slaw and baked beans.  I knew I was wrong bringing home baked beans to the baked beans queen herself . . . my grandmother.  I told her she would be disappointed before she tasted them, but she was just happy that she didn’t have to cook!  And yes she agreed . . . lol!

The final day of the festival is here and rain is in the air.  Praying that it will subside soon and eventually it did; day 2 of the festivities shall commence.  My awesome buddy and owner of Foolish Foods Catering, Chef Jah came to join Fat Girl N’ Motion on another great day of BBQ!  First stop was the sampling station by Giant Food.  Too bad I only have 2 hands otherwise I would’ve had 4 plates to sample from the options under the tent.  After the rain stopped the temperature rose immensely, so the cooling tent came through in the clutch as we tip toed through the line.  Some samples were cheeseburger sliders, pulled pork, succulent lamb, an assortment of beverages and more.  After standing and chatting for over an hour, I kindly found me a seat to take the load off.  All samples or products can be found in your local Giant grocery store.  The samples were good and filling while some were cold and needed to be tossed.

Traveling down pitmasters row, we stumbled into the BBQ Pitmaster Extraordinaire in the flesh . . . Big Moe Cason!!!  I don’t get star struck over too many people; however I was so amazed that I saw a face that I watch on TV quite frequently.  Funny that earlier that day before arriving at the festival that I saw Moe Cason on Food Network’s The Kitchen.  He asked me how he did and I quickly replied with everything that he prepared on that episode.  We shared a quick chat, pictures, and a swig of Jack – MY DAY WAS MADE!!!  Still cruising and packing our bags, we ended the day listening to the sounds of DC’s own Backyard Band, snagged a few bottles of wine and took some BBQ to go.

I damn sure needed a full body massage after all that walking.  Giant’s National BBQ Battle was a fantastic transition into the summer with grilled food and booze.  It was also another highlight to my birthday month.  I cannot wait until next year and hopefully run into another chef who I admire.  This festival is a great way to start off your summer and be sure to bring the kids for family friendly activities too.  Mark your calendars to get a head start on your summer festivals and see ya next year!


Giant National BBQ Battle
June 23-24, 2018
Washington, DC

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