Texas de Brazil: Grey Goose Mixology Event

In today’s tossback Tuesday edition . . . I’m pleased to share my awesome drinking experience shaking it up at Texas de Brazil Grey Goose Mixology Event.  I mean who doesn’t love Goose?  Grey Goose and I have a love – hate relationship and on this day I was showing mad love!  I was so excited when I was granted access to this low-key intimate event on June 6th that allowed us to sample premium cuts, passed hor devours and spirits.
Viva la Vodka

After a brief introduction around the table, we were able to explore the world of Grey Goose Vodka.  Welcome to Vive La Vodka!!!  Our lovely mixologist whose name I forgot (excuse my absent mind); gave us a brief history of the brand, herself as the Grey Goose Ambassador and the tips and tricks of making the best drinks your tolerance will allow.  First up on the list was to make a Caipirinha.  I’m a newbie to this beverage and after sipping it I know why.  It’s too sweet for me, however it’s very refreshing. This is Brazil’s common distilled alcoholic beverage (see ingredients below):


Ingredients: lime wedges, simple syrup & vodka Preparation: Place lime and simple syrup into glass and muddle the ingredients together using a muddler/wooden spoon.  Fill the glass with ice & add Grey Goose vodka.

Now you know I poured my own troubles and measured everything with my eyes. We also added tonic (at the drinker’s discretion).  After I got better with the sweet level of the beverage, I was able to make the modifications that my palate would enjoy.  While we were shaking and stirring; we also enjoyed passed hor devours of bacon wrapped chicken, sausage, filet, shrimp & avocado crostini’s & more!  Trust we didn’t shy away from eating while drinking as we needed something to help keep us balanced.

Lastly, we were served a coffee liqueur type of blend that I wasn’t too fond of.  Needless to say it wasn’t memorable; however it smelled good and was presented well.  This particular beverage was made for us and while I tried to enjoy every sip, I couldn’t.  Perhaps if we had dessert to pair with this dessert beverage, it would’ve made the experience more exciting.  Well . . . for me at least. 

I enjoyed meeting fellow vodka lovers, foodies and drink connoisseurs from the DC metro area.  The vibe was great, the food was delicious and the drinks were flowing.  Grey Goose gifted us with a mixing glass to take home and one day I’ll put it to use.  As of now I’m thinking of creative ways to make my Vive La Vodka experience just as unique as the one I attended this past June . . . CHEERS!


T-Mac & Grey Goose Ambassador

T-Mac & Grey Goose Ambassador

Texas de Brazil
455 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20001
IG: @texasdebrazil

2 thoughts on “Texas de Brazil: Grey Goose Mixology Event

  1. Chas B says:

    Ha. I know you was like, “uh, hold the simple syrup on that Caipirinha!!” Looks fun though. I’m interested to know what that coffee liqueur taste like. I don’t know though, coffee and liquor always confuses me.


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