Whiskey & Kicks Episode 10: District Distilling Co.

Hey foodies!  Welcome to this flashback Friday edition dedicated to Whiskey and Kicks episode 10 at District Distilling Co. in Washington, DC.  This is my very first live food review!!!  Excited to say the least; I was thrilled to join booze extraordinaire Brocky for this great episode.  To give a brief background; Whiskey and Kicks is a YouTube channel that explores great libations in the DC metro area that are unique and have an awesome sneaker story behind it. 

After watching a few episodes, I approached him about doing a food segment on a future episode of his.  Brocky kindly accepted and the wheels began to spin.  Although, he wanted my restaurant suggestions; I allowed him to choose the restaurant based on what was most appealing to him on the bar scene.  We landed at District Distilling Co. in the historic U Street corridor of Washington, DC.  Fantastic choice . . . and I’m not just saying that because it was my first live review, I’m saying this because the dishes were absolutely magnificent!!!  Before the taping, I reviewed all menus the restaurant offered in addition to the new spring menu that was being introduced this year.

Prior to this episode, Brocky would feature a specialty drink(s) of the restaurant/bar or bartender.  But, I had to ask “Where is the food?”  I love that he is enticing viewers to come and partake in a tasty beverage, but adding the element of food is a bonus because they pair so well together.  I’m not going to bore you on this blog post when you can see the review for yourself.  The dishes are below, but click the link to see my live food review at District Distilling Co.!!! 


Deviled Eggs 


Smoked Trout Rillettes


Country Ham Benedict


Ramp Pappardelle

Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky 

I hope that you enjoy episode 10.  Thanks to Whiskey & Kicks host Brocky, Head Distiller Matt, Executive Chef Justin and the rest of team who contributed to this incredible episode.  Looking forward to future segments with my guy B . . . enjoy and Bon Appétit! 

Whiskey & Kicks Episode 10: District Distilling Co.’s Food & Drink

Whiskey & Kicks
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District Distilling Co.

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