Chef Art of Moe’s Trap Karaoke & Brunch

Foodies!  I hope all is well in the land of Zamunda.  Do ya’ll remember when I was hyped about attending Chef Art of Moe’s Trap Karaoke & Brunch?  I know it was a while back, February actually.  But let me tell you all about it today and it’s going to be a good one.  So grab your popcorn, tea or vodka for the read I have for Chef Moe . . .
Come one come all to Chef Art of Moe’s Trap Karaoke & Brunch in Baltimore, Maryland.  Another Baltimore fail from another Baltimore “chef” or “party planner.”  I was interested in attending Chef Moe’s birthday bash in December, but she reached capacity; however she extended the invitation to the next shindig.  Buffet style menu with bottomless mimosas with each ticket purchase; the menu (below) surely got my tastes buds jumping.  Excited to try chicken & waffles, sweet potato cornbread waffles and shrimp & grits shooters . . . I made my way up the road to Bmore.

  • SWEET POTATO CORNBREAD WAFFLES (while supplies last)
  • SWEET AND SPICY CIROC WINGETTES (while supplies last)

Upon arrival to the venue, I gave my name and had an issue as soon as I walked in.  Now, Chef Moe was privy to another incident I had at last year’s Wine & Pasta: Fade II Black event so when she reassured me countless times that I wouldn’t experience the same thing . . . I did!  Walked in grabbed a seat and was disappointed in what I saw, yet I stayed and attempted to make the best of it.  The event started at 7pm and I arrived at 7:07.  I grabbed a few drinks, chatted with the girl beside me briefly and laughed as I saw each attendee turn and walk away because of the space that the brunch was being held in.  It was packed like sardines and there was no “karaoke” type equipment in sight.  That space could have easily sat about 20-25 people comfortably instead I saw about 50+ . . . YIKES!

Her staff is scrambling back and forth trying to set up the food or bring out the food as it becomes available.  The waffle and omelet stations are in a walkway with a line that’s wrapped in the “reception” space of the restaurant that is interfering with the table where the buffet was set up.  Not to mention watered down and under seasoned shrimp & grits shooters are being passed.  Is this how you reward your guests for your tardiness?  As bad as I wanted to see this brunch go up in flames, I decided to leave and not waste my time any further.

Shrimp & Grits Shooter

Shrimp & Grits Shooters

The time is now 7:59 and I’m on my way back home.  What a waste of time!  Thank God I didn’t waste my money on a hotel room with the anticipation of a great time, but ya girl had to be at work very early the next day so I opted not to reserve one. Fat Girl N’ Motion was pissed.  So pissed that I had a few rants on my Twitter and Instagram accounts.  Let me remind you . . . no one gets a pass with me!  Chef Moe needed to know how I felt and boy oh boy so did others who was in attendance too.  I wonder why she chose to provide a rebuttal to my rants.  They were funny and comical to take the “woman empowerment” route.  I hear ya boo and I’m surely here for it.  But even the best of us make mistakes and fail, but the lesson is to learn from it and not be “bitter” about it.

I use the word bitter because Chef Moe said . . .
“when bitter women present themselves as bloggers’. Lol it’s a difference in the to! I respect #bloggers however I pray for bitter females #ARTOFMOE.” 


I saved those receipts and I only typed her response verbatim to show her improper English.  Bitter, boo never!  Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance and that’s exactly what I saw.  I give credit where credit is due and that you will not get from me.  Clearly, this event was oversold.  Attendees demanded refunds and rightfully so!  Your staff complained about the space and issues that were disastrous that evening.  Some of your attendees traveled from out-of-town to support a “black woman.”  I did not read not one positive response on any of her social media platforms and after much review, all of the advertisement has been removed!  How ironic . . . basically please take responsibility & own your bullshit.  This blogger is never bitter, yet exercising her first amendment rights just like every other blogger in the world.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have kept it professional from the beginning and had hope to have a great time.  I know you want others to uplift you, but boo that’s not my job.  I’m there to eat, take notes and enjoy the views.  I had 2 drinks with one shrimp & grits shooter.  I tried to like it but it was nasty.  I arrived home hungry and upset so a rant was in order for the Queen of Brunch.  But let me expose your bitterness Moe.  I was blocked from every site I promoted your event on for expressing my feelings about a shit show of a brunch you delivered.  How do you call yourself the “Queen of Brunch” with an execution as such?  Is this what your followers pay for?  Is this what your brand delivers?  Adjust ya crown and throw the whole staff away and start over.  But what you won’t do is call me bitter for sharing my thoughts or are you mad because what I told you was true???


Be blessed . . .


10 thoughts on “Chef Art of Moe’s Trap Karaoke & Brunch

  1. We, The Peculiars says:

    Girl, I read this the other day and I thought it was wildly unprofessional to make a comment about someone being “bitter” on a professional social media platform. Now if she wanted to make her claims on her on personal site, cool. There’s mantras that state that business women and more specifically business women of color should support each other and yet emotions get in the way and no progress is made. She should have simply taken the criticism with love and tightened up.

    Liked by 1 person

    • fatgirlnmotion says:

      Girl, that rant went on and on about how “we” should be uplifting each other . . . blah, blah, blah! I’m not here for that and I’m not trying to hear it. Let me point out to you where you went wrong, learn from it and move on. Not call me bitter because I exposed you. I’m a blogger, naturally I have to give my review and if she thought for one moment this “sister” was going to give her a pass for supporting her was sadly mistaken.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Chas B says:

    Wow. Black folk kill me with the “support each other” and than delivery this type of service. I’m embarrassed for her as a black woman, talmbout empower each other… Girl. I think you empowered the hell outta her!! I know she was in her feelings but I hope she honestly accept the feedback, get it together and do great in the future.

    Liked by 1 person

    • fatgirlnmotion says:

      I surely tried my best and articulating my words for this blog was a struggle. Trying to remain professional while getting my point across to her especially after our exchange back in February I had to keep my cool. 🤦🏾‍♀️😅

      This is one of many reasons why I struggle with “supporting my own” … 😏


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