Meet. Eat. Shop.

Two days of fun . . . two days of food! Fat Girl N’ Motion had the pleasure to attend EmporiYUM on Sunday, November 12th. Emporiyum showcased over 100 vendors and chefs displaying delicious foods and drinks at Dock 5 in Union Market DC. Although it was scheduled for two days, I only attended on day 2.

The moment I walked in, I was truly overwhelmed. One – I had to gather myself because I barely had sleep from the night before (still on a high from “dine.” 🤗); two – I had to get my coins together; and three – I had to prepare my belly for the aroma that was flowing through the air. I paced the scene for 30+ minutes I know before making my first selection. Some vendors had samples, while others had food for sale.  My first stop was to Chick’nCone! Fork free chicken and waffles . . . YUM! Fried chicken tossed in Yella BBQ in a tasty waffle cone. Bite, eat, enjoy! Fried chicken piping hot with its sweet & tangy BBQ sauce along side a sweet & savory waffle cone. #SoCluckinGood😅

Bratwurst anyone? I saw my main man Abraham CEO/Founder at True Made Foods while patrolling on what to eat next and he suggested that I go see his buddies at Milton’s. Milton’s Local Hand-Crafted Artisan Meats had a variety of smoked meats for sale, but the  bacon sausage with a side of bacon sold me to no end!!! I’m not a bratwurst girl myself, however I was on this day! I mean who doesn’t know that PORK BACON makes everything better!?!?!?!?!?!?! One Bell Pepper and Onion Bacon Sausage coming up! I crushed it! Juicy sausage on a nice buttery roll; the sweetness from the peppers and onions magically paired with the smoky bacon was MAGNIFICENT!! Once I was done eating, I went back to ask if they really grilled their bacon and the answer was YES!!! Let me tell you . . . you better get hipped to the grilled bacon situation foodies!!!

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After enjoying and still salivating over that awesome bacon and sausage combination, I stopped by Tipsy Scoop for a tasty treat! Tipsy Scoop provides liquor-infused ice cream inspired by classic and contemporary cocktails that we all enjoy! Three flavors were showcased: Cake Batter Vodka Martini, Raspberry Limoncello Sorbet, and Vanilla Bean Bourbon. To avoid trying all three and since I did a little sipping and seeing while enjoying Emporiyum; I stayed consistent with my scoop selection and decided to try the Raspberry Limoncello Sorbet. “O . . . M . . . G . . . THAT’S DAMN GOOD!” Those were my exact words when the sorbet touched my soul! My reaction was so welcomed that the owners said we should use that for a new name. NO WAY JOSE!! Not without my rights and ownership to it! Three words to describe this awesomeness: ORGASMIC . . . REFRESHING . . . DELICIOUS!

These were just a few tastings I enjoyed while at Emporiyum. I sampled pickles, pasta, desserts, poke (Poke Papa), teas, mixed drinks and the like at this great foodie gathering. Anyone could’ve easily enjoyed this event in 2 days as offered. Dock 5 is a very large event space with 2 levels. Each level could’ve had your attention for one day at a time. Such a great variety from the makers all over the country showcasing great products, food, desserts, and beverages!  This was a foodies playground!  It was so unfortunate that my foodie friends were unable to participate as they would have equally enjoyed it as much as I did, but I had a great time nonetheless and actually that’s all that matters!

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Food, Fun and Yum at EmporiYUM was amazing in more ways than one.  Great weather, good vibes, amazing food and more were showcased last November.  I’ll be sure to explore for 2 days and try much more than I did next time.  I came with an empty stomach and left full and sleepy!  Until next year . . . ✌🏾

The Emporiyum
November 11-12, 2017

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