Wine & Pasta: Fade II Black

Hey Foodies!  Time for another Fat Girl N’ Motion review!!  This blog will be short, sweet and to the point.  But first, let me ask a question:  Why does the African American community lack customer service?

This past weekend I traveled to Baltimore to attend the Wine & Pasta: Fade II Black event at the Columbus Center.  This blog is being published so quickly, because it’s fresh on my brain and I need to alert the masses of this drama immediately!!  Charm City . . . what’s so charming about you?  The people, the city, or both?  So far, the city has proved to be charming somewhat, but the people not so much.  Leading up to the event, I promoted the Wine & Pasta: Fade II Black event to my networks weekly as I stated in our initial conversation.  I asked repeatedly, if I would be given a ticket and the response was “No, we will add you to our VIP list.”  Cool, I suppose when I only have your word to rely on.  A few days before their event, I posed the same question and received the same response.

The day has come and I’m in Baltimore!  Getting dolled up in my all black, I make my way to the Columbus Center for a night of feasting in unlimited pasta, wine, and dancing with DMV’s own Secret Society band.  I gave my name to the ladies at the door who had several “VIP” lists as a reference and T-Mac/Fat Girl N’ Motion name was not present on any of the lists.  Luckily, I was fortunate enough to have 2 of hosts number and I contacted them immediately.  Planning an event can be very busy and overwhelming so I opted to text them explaining the situation at the door.  Two minutes passed after no response from my text and I called Dorian (host name on the flyer) . . . “I was just about to call you.”  Well now that you have me on the phone what are you going to do?  Dorian asked me to give my phone to one of many “bald head security guards” or tell them Dorian said to let me in.  Well Dorian, you have plenty of “bald head security guards, which one should I get for you?”  Since the bald head guy wasn’t in sight, Dorian told me he was on his way.  All the while, the other host Nickole is telling me her “daughter is coming to let me in” via text.

AFTER PATIENTLY WAITING FOR 40 MINUTES for either Dorian or Nickole to let me in to their extravagant party, I decided to leave!!!  With a smile on my face, I sent them both a text message alerting them of my departure and I wish them much success on their event.  Ten minutes later after sending my text, I receive a DM (direct message) from Nickole asking me what’s my full name?  Why are you communicating with me via Instagram when I sent you a personal message to your personal phone?  “I returned to my hotel after waiting.  Much success on your event tonight.”  Next message was sent to me an hour later asking me to come back.  Hmmmm, why would I do that again?  To have you waste my time again?  I don’t think so.

Please note that money and time were wasted this past holiday weekend.  Better yet, let me make it clear that I traveled from DC to blog about Wine & Pasta!🤬🤬🤬 Not too often do I show Baltimore love, but I figured I expand my network.  Boy oh boy will I rethink that again, considering I reached out to the organizers asking if I could attend as a food blogger.  Organization and professionalism is KEY!  However, I have myself to blame too.  I will make certain that I received a ticket prior to my arrival.  As I reflect on this past weekend, I have a lot to be thankful for.  This is one of many learning experiences I will encounter as a blogger and it’s my duty to report this type of behavior.  NO ONE GETS A PASS WITH FAT GIRL N’ MOTION!!  I was blown, frustrated and annoyed!😤 While I do appreciate an apology from Nickole, I can laugh about it now.  This experience further proved to me yet again that African American’s lack customer service, professionalism, and simplicity.  I know it’s not “all of us,” however “us” is making it bad for the unit as a whole.  “Support Black Businesses.”  I have a problem with this statement on so many levels . . . let’s argue!  Baltimoreans, thank you so much for showing me the light again.  I will be more selective on who I choose to blog about.  My apologies to my readers that I don’t have any food pictures to show.  I’m sure Wine & Pasta: Fade II Black was a success, too bad I wasn’t there to see for myself.

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3 thoughts on “Wine & Pasta: Fade II Black

  1. Marlice says:

    Man oh man, I really wished I seen this when it was posted! I too have a story! My husband and I celebrated our 17th anniversary and my sister celebrated her birthday! Although we had a great time, the pasta was horrible, we sold two tables and was told that we would be given at least 5 VIP bands to be able to go upstairs to the VIP section, but that NEVER happened! I texted and called Dorian all night and he never showed up to our table to bring the bands, or the two bottles of wine that we were supposed to have for our table. The thought was a great idea, but the unprofessionalism and the execution was horrible on so many levels!! I hope they e gotten better with the rest of their events! S/N you would have tore them alive if you would’ve had that dry over cooked pasta!! 😂😂😩

    Liked by 1 person

    • fatgirlnmotion says:

      Please don’t make me laugh today!!! LOL I can’t imagine them getting any better especially when they can’t even get the simplest thing right like communication! Things happen for a reason and to note their unprofessionalism, I was blocked from all social media platforms but you managed to find your way to their bad review via my blog! lol . . . thanks for the laugh today! Next time any of your associates find themselves wanting to attend their events in the future . . . kindly direct them to this blog post and they will reconsider! 🙂


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