Diet Starts Monday

Have you ever gotten so hype about something that when you try it out, it was disappointing or meh?  Especially when everyone and I do mean everyone that I know who has been before had absolutely awesome things to say about Diet Starts Monday. . . Fat Girl . . . not so much!  As I reflect on my brunch date with my girl, I’m shocked to witness such a tragedy.   Let me describe my experience this way . . . I was prepared to eat Filet Mignon when I only received a steak & cheese.

My GGG/Foodie buddy always find or make the time for a Fat Girl N’ Motion outing with me.  After introducing myself to Chef Redbeard at Central Union Mission’s: Chef’s Rock HeArt & Sole event last month, I felt compelled to make a visit soon.  The conversation between him and I went really well.  I articulated how I knew him, the great reviews I heard about his restaurant, and to let him know that I’m a food blogger.  Of course, he said, “come on in & bring Naia too,” and I did!

It was a cold, rainy and gloomy Sunday afternoon when I visited Diet Starts Monday.  I was the first to arrive and upon walking in, the greeting was quite dry and very soft spoken considering it was only 4 people in the entire bar.  I asked if there is self-seating. The bartender and young man seated (who I would assume was a diner like me) both looked at me as if I was speaking a foreign language and the couple didn’t answer and eventually left.  Ok, I’ll just seat myself . . . no biggie.  I sat and noticed there wasn’t a menu present.  After looking around the menus were scarce.  I found one and scoped it out.  While waiting the bartender did come over to give me the run down of how to order.  I alerted her that I would place my order when my GGG arrive.
Diet Starts Monday Menu
My observation at first glance: very dope concept visually.  The tables did not have any condiments present, salt/pepper shakers, or the like for the table.  Once you are ready to order, you must place your order at the bar.  I should have known this experience was going to be all wrong when I saw Chef Redbeard’s “lovely sous chef” (as he described in a message to me) walk in with a bag of groceries from Trader Joe’s.  Your diners should never see that . . . sheesh!  A young woman seated across from me ordered a meal and upon arrival she asked why was it plated in a basket.  Couldn’t hear the runner’s response, however we learned of what it was when we ordered the same thing.  Let’s fast forward to my GGG walking in looking like a snack!😍😍😍

When she walked in she said “Teeeee, this is it?  You sure you want to eat here?”  I laughed and was like “yeah!”  We here now and I’m hungry and I want to see what the hype is about!  Sooooooooooo we stayed.  We ordered food, drinks and continued with girl chat while waiting patiently for our food. Time is ticking . . . we are snapping, taking pics, making boomerang videos and still no food.  It took approximately 45 minutes for the food to arrive and how we came to that conclusion; a fellow diner came in screaming about how he has been waiting in his car for an hour for food.  YIKES!!😳 Finally, the food arrives.  I ordered the Hash Brown Waffle and Breakfast Yardbird.  Naia ordered the BBQ Shrimp and Grits.  Presentation means everything right? At first, we get hungry with our eyes because the menu sounds delicious, second you are visually excited for the food because it has arrived in front of you and lastly the aroma flowing through your nose.  Ask me if that was the case . . .With the look of confusion: “Is this it?” 🤔 No heat rising from the food, no smells, and COLD!  Naia wanted pepper to season her food and after damn near being done it arrived.  We don’t have a need for it now sir, but thanks!  As I mentioned, there were no salt/pepper shakers on the table, but one would think to ask if we needed it or bring it to us.  A very tall gentleman came over and asked us “how was it going?”  I reached in my pocket to give him my business card and told him that he can read all about it when I blog about it, but in the meantime, can you please bring over the bartender!  He proceeded to tell me how he’s security & actually he has nothing to do with the food blah blah blah . . . ok sir I need you to get someone who can speak to me about my meal and better yet where is my damn Yardbird!  Trust me I want the chicken to be cooked to perfection and cooked thoroughly, but damn did you have to hunt for the chicken?!?!?!  She never came over to us.  I walked to the bar, telling her to cancel my order that never came, paid my bill and left.The BBQ Shrimp and Grits were good, but it needed sauce, sauce, SAUCE!  And to be hot of course.  Is there a reason that it had to be served in a basket?  No other plating options?  My Hash Brown Waffle was ok.  I am a potato lover, so I had very high hopes for this.  I wanted to enjoy it with every bite, but it was cold.  It came with NO BUTTER or HOUSE SAUCE for that matter.  My Hash Brown Waffle should have been piping  hot coming directly from the waffle iron.  Can’t tell you about the sandwich I never received, perhaps you can tell me about it!

Naia P

Naia – “Wouldn’t recommend . . . wouldn’t return!

Naia has a few things to share and I’m here for it . . . “Sorely disappointed!!  I had the highest of hopes for this place after seeing my timeline lit with photo-ops and captions filled with praise for the deliciousness being prepared in: Diet Starts Monday!  The staff was the opposite of warm and friendly.  The seating is hella uncomfortable, at least for a Judy like me.  My drink tasted like it had old ice cubes in it and my food that I waited 44 minutes for was COLD!  My grits had ZERO movement!  My BBQ “slathered” shrimp was lacking the slather, and it was presented on a piece of aluminum foil inside of a fry basket.  #MajorFAIL I will say that the flavor was quite tasty, and yes, I ate my cold food I waited so long for!!  Bottom line: wouldn’t recommend . . . wouldn’t return!


As a diner and lover of food, I put trust and faith into the establishments I give my money to.  The characteristics I won’t share, but know that Diet Starts Monday didn’t live up to my standards.  More than likely I won’t return if my money had to pay for it.  It’s good to know that other diners enjoyed it; as you can’t please everyone.  I left hungry, mad, and disappointed that I wasted money on a meal that wasn’t satisfying.  🤬🤬🤬 Let me mention to my readers that I follow the social sites of Chef Redbeard and Diets Starts Monday; the food pics to follow after my outing has me wondering.  Could it be possible they were having a bad day? Or is it because Mr. Redbeard wasn’t available his diners had to be subjected to subpar food and service. 

On a good note, Naia and I did venture to the boutique after leaving and I found a jumper for $12.99 (THANKS AGAIN BOO😘☺️)!!  But with absolutely no one in the whole Diet Starts Monday on this day; service should have been excellent, food piping hot, and enjoyable!!!  Perhaps everyone was hungover from the night before . . . 🤷🏾‍♀️

Diet Starts Monday
2005 14th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009

6 thoughts on “Diet Starts Monday

    • fatgirlnmotion says:

      It was disappointing to me as well especially with the the restaurant being empty. Apparently the chef was “unprepared” which is not my fault lol . . . I might give them another try in the future, but as of now, I will not!


  1. Nadine says:

    Oh no man, how frustrating and dissapointing. As a fellow foodie nothing is worse than leaving a food establishment hungry and dissatisfied. Maybe if they see this, it may help them change for the future.

    Liked by 1 person

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