Bloggers Rock HeArt & Sole!

Sup Foodies!  I was honored to participate in my first HeArt & Sole: An Evening with Chef Rock Harper & Friends on October 25, 2017.  All attendees were able to sample creative and delicious foods, and refreshing beverages provided by celebrity chefs!  No one should live homeless on our streets!!!  Ticket prices provided shoes, clothes and food for Central Union Mission’s needy clients raising nearly $180,000!!🎉🎉🎉 This evening was filled with fun, dancing, laughs, hugs, inspiration, networking, and awesome treats for an awesome cause.  Come take a stroll with me down memory lane . . .  
The aroma walking in the room was mouthwatering . . . sheesh!  The girls and I walked to the first line that was short.  We had the pleasure of eating and salivating over Chef Enrique Valazquez at Borinquen Lunchbox “Pastelon” which is a Puerto Rican shepherd’s pie.  O . . . M . . . G!  It reminded me of a sweeter version of lasagna and what made it was sweet were the plantains.  It was cheesy and savory! 

IG: @BorinquenLunchbox

Hey Chef Ashanti aka Chef Mixxer of Mixxer’s Kitchen!!  Her jambalaya was AWESOMESAUCE!  It had the right amount of spice and the chicken and shrimp in my sample were very succulent.  I was so happy to see her after reviewing her IG takeover she participated in prior to the event.  The meals she whipped up on her video had me salivating profusely!  I just knew she was going to satisfy my palate upon arrival.  I was even more excited when she remembered who I was and to see her gorgeous face 😍.  If you’re ever in her area  .  .  . tell Chef Ashanti Fat Girl N’ Motion sent ya!

Chef Ashanti
IG: @InTheMixxer

Next up is the tasty cuisine provided by the students at DC Central Kitchen.  I will be the first to say that Indian cuisine is not my cuisine of choice, however I’m not afraid to try new things.  Pictured below is chicken curry with rice, veggies, and cucumber yogurt slaw!  I was impressed and it was very good.  So good that I came back and praised the students and their mentor/chef on the yumminess of the food; and for my first experience I was thoroughly satisfied.
Curry Chicken Dish

IG: @DCCentralKitchen

*Drum Roll Please* . . . Korean Beef Taco, Radish Salad, Sriracha Mayo served up by The Mission Kitchen’s Chef Johnny.  Mexican food is my FAV!  When the girls and I first walked up all the tacos samples were gone, but Chef Johnny had fresh samples being prepared while we were waiting.  Drooling with excitement, the taco was enjoyed in one bite and yes – FAT GIRL N’ MOTION turned right back around and ate another!  No shame in this foodie game.  That taco was hug worthy . . . so much so that Chef Johnny and I will be collaborating soon! 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽
Korean Beef Taco

IG: TheMissionKitchen12

As the night went on, the girls and I enjoyed our much needed chat and chew, networking, and enjoying the vibes of Central Union Mission’s Chef’s Rock HeArt & Sole!  Always a pleasure running into familiar faces.  Shoutout to my friend and fellow Suitland Ram Alumni Chef Brazil of Spyce Co. !  I was unable to taste his food in the VIP cooking round, however his food is worth the plug!  A few months ago, I sat down with Chef Brazil.  Please read my interview and show my guy some love!  Thrilled to see the beautiful Micheline Bowman and to be partnering with her in the future!  Ecstatic to introduce myself to Chef Redbeard who is owner of the infamous Diet Starts Monday Restaurant, Bar, & Retail.  With that catchy name, the buzz about this spot has reached my ears and soon my belly (blog post coming soon); so it was great to put a face with the name.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Congratulations to Chef Damian Brown aka Mr. KissTheCh3f on winning the “Chopped” style competition for the HeArt & Sole VIP Experience.  His creativity is outstanding especially when I tasted the Cool Ranch Doritos Mac & Cheese . . . hmmm hmmm good! 😋🎉

Lastly, major kudos, congratulations, and hooray to the team at Central Union Mission.  Without Minister Deborah Chambers, Beth Bruins, and Jennifer Branison none of this would have been possible for me.  I especially enjoyed seeing so many people come together to support the efforts to end homelessness in our area.  The love was definitely heartfelt in the room!

Chef Rock Harper . . . you are awesome!  I couldn’t believe he knew who I was!!!  Thank you so much for all that you do, have done, and continue to do for our community!  If you were unable to attend this awesome event and would like to donate to Central Union Mission please click here.  Let’s transforms lives in our DC metro region!
Chef Rock Harper

Thank ya and see ya soon foodies! ✌🏾

Central Union Mission
65 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20001
IG: @CentralUnionMission

3 thoughts on “Bloggers Rock HeArt & Sole!

  1. Beth says:

    Awesome blog post! Thanks so much for all your support and the shout-outs. We’re so happy you had such a great time at HeArt & Sole and look forward to collaborating with you in the future! Beth

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