Union Kitchen: Meet the Makers

A couple of weekends ago, I had the pleasure to attend Union Kitchen – Meet the Makers event; featuring over 50 food and beverage businesses sampling alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages, food, and new products.  Did I mention that the makers presented here are from our very own Washington, DC metro region?  Yes!  The businesses featured here are local and are accessible to you in your local grocery stores and or storefronts.  Exciting, I know!  Grab your notepad and pen to take notes . . . I have a few favs! 

Upon arrival I was greeted with a warm welcome and smile from Kelly; received my name badge and was ready to meet, eat, sip, and smile!  The vibe was amazing, the DJ had me snapping my fingers a few times, and my ears were opened and eager to learn about the new exciting businesses in our very own DMV.  My first stop was to Restore Water.  This guy provided samples of flavor enhanced still and sparkling water and the flavor that piqued my interest the most was the chocolate mint flavor.  Typically, not a fan of either especially as a beverage; however, it was tasty.  That is not a water that I would partake in often, but it was tasty enough for me to possibly purchase to add a variety to my palate.  Unfortunately, I have no information to provide you for this start up business, but be on the lookout for them when they hit the local markets. 

Along my food/beverage journey, I had the pleasure to sample: Sip City’s – Apple Cider, Ruby Scoops Ice Cream & Sweets – Sweet Potato Ice Cream & Mango Sorbet, Atlas Brew Works – Ale Beer, Republic Restoratives – Delicious Spirits (vodka, bourbon) Laoban Dumplings – Lamb Dumpling, Caleb’s Cooking Company – Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets (w/True Made Foods Ketchup), I Confect – Seasoned Nuts, Maketto – Brazil Coffee, Cake LoveSalty Caramel Cake In A Jar, Oh – Mazing! – Lemon Bar Granola, and Ice Cream Jubilee – Honey Lemon Lavender Ice Cream. 

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Now to the businesses who stole my heart at the Meet the Makers event!  Once I saw that True Made Foods was going to be here, I had to stop by their booth.  When I arrived, I see Abraham 😃(pictured below).  I had the pleasure of meeting him in New York at the TECHmunch conference in September.  I greeted him with a hello, asked if he remembered me (he did of course), and we chatted for a while.  It felt good to see a familiar face!  Let me tell you about True Made Foods . . . this business has taken BBQ Sauce, Sriracha, and Ketchup to new heights!  I love ketchup so I was instantly sold.  I tried their ketchup & bbq sauce in NY and brought some back home with me.  Now I have to tell you that it’s made with 50% sugar and real vegetables.  It might not sound appetizing to you, but its very very very good to me! 😋😉

True Made Foods 
625 N. Washington Street #625 
Alexandria, VA 22314 
IG: @TrueFoodsInc 
Twitter: @TrueMadeFoods

Hand Popped.  Hand Seasoned.  Hand Sealed.  Ray’s Pork Rinds!  They were yummy and the flavor profile she creates is quite creative.  The flavors include: Cracked Pepper & Salt, BBQ, Salt & Vinegar, Ray’s Bay, and Cocoa Cayenne.  Ray’s Pork Rinds is located in the Charm City of Baltimore and are made to order.  She will deliver, meet you half way (as she say lol), or ship! I know I will be ordering again.  I was lucky enough to bring some home with me to share with my grandmother and after 2 days they were gone!  Now what does that tell you?  If you are a fan of this southern staple, place your order today! 🐷


BBQ Pork Rinds

Ray’s Pork Rinds 
(919) 609-5861 

IG: @RaysPorkRinds

Oooohhh the guilty pleasures of ice cream.  I can describe this tasting in one word: ORGASMIC!!!!  🙈🙉🙊😆😆😆 What I’m most disappointed about is that I didn’t get the name of the sorbet I sampled on this day.  I mean he told me . . . however this little brain of mine forgot 🤦🏾‍♀️.  Just know it was a lime, lavender, melon, sorbet of some kind if my palate serves me correctly.  Damn, me typing it is making my mouth water!  I’m telling you it was truly orgasmic.  I slowly enjoyed each lick of that tiny sample.  It was sooooo good I could kiss him 💋💋💋.  I left thoroughly satisfied and with a t-shirt! 😂 If you want to enjoy the same feeling I had with a tiny tasting, just imagine what you could experience if you bought the whole container . . . HA! 🍦😩😎


Milk Cult 
IG/Twitter: @MilkCult

Drum roll please . . . TortillaDora had the pleasure to satisfy my Mexican craving for the week and month after that scrumptious taco!!!  Basil Pork Al Pastor for the win!  Bold, tangy and hot flavors.  T-Mac dipped off in the corner and demolished it.  I mean . . . I wanted to lick the plate but that would’ve been too fat of me and inappropriate for the occasion.  It was so good I wanted to take it home.  Like sir, do you have to-go boxes behind you?  Although I’m not a fan of soft tacos (hard-shell ONLY), I believe I can put on my big girl panties occasionally to partake in this awesomeness.  The key is to eat the taco fast before the tortilla gets soggy.  Next time you’re in the mood for Mexican or eager to try the Basil Pork Al Pastor taco, stop by to see Ed at TortillaDora! 🎉🤸🏾‍♀️🎉🤸🏾‍♀️



Basil Pork Al Pastor Taco


IG: @TortillaDora 
Twitter: @DCTortilla

Ready to go venture over to Union Kitchen to try some if not all of these amazing treats?  I sure, hope so!  Union Kitchen staff put on an amazing event showcasing local businesses in our area foodies.  Thank you so much to Union Kitchen’s team for allowing me the opportunity to be in attendance at their event as a media/press attendee.  It was such an honor!  Until next time foodies . . . ✌🏾

Event Information:
Union Kitchen – Meet the Makers
Saturday, October 14, 2017 
Union Kitchen: Ivy City 
1369 New York Avenue 
Washington, DC 20002 
IG/Twitter: UnionKitchenDC 




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