I am no food critic, but I am a lover of food! Fat Girl N’ Motion is a food blog covering the Washington, DC metro region on good eats, recommendations, and more!  I am pleased to share my dining experiences at various restaurants in Washington, DC and beyond.

“The Best Way to a Fat Girl’s ❤️  Is Through Her Tummy!”


T-Mac gives great suggestions on restaurants!  She’s very knowledgeable on the good eats in the city!  She put me on to a great happy hour at Agua 301 in Navy Yard and I haven’t been able to stop going since!  If you’re looking for great food and a good time, T-Mac knows the best places for you!


Hungry are you? Can’t figure out what you have a taste for? Need recommendations for something tasty? Check out Fat Girl N’ Motion!  She can definitely direct you to something tantalizing to your tongue. Truly my go to girl for good eats! She has never steered me wrong. In fact, some of her favorites have become my favorite and a favorite to others too!